This is a guide for when your stuck on a quest


Quest 1Edit

When you've first created your account and you enter the land click on the Lion with the Click For Quest above its head.

One you do he will give u a map. a HUGE arrow will apear on the bottom tool bar click on that and find the Sqwicnic Area on the map and click on it. It will take u to a new place. Then the Q on the toolbar will have an arrow, click on it. Thats your Quest log you can check on your quests there. Now click on the Bear with a ? above his head it will show a pop up if u want to play the game click yes. It will take u to a game click start and match the fruit up with the sticks and guide paper.

After that Chef Bear will give u the food. go back to the Sqwungle and give the food to Mighty Feathers the Parrot.

Quest 2Edit

Now Mighty Feathers will tell you that there is a Sqwabble bothering him in the treehouse. Now go to the Mayan Temple and go inside. There talk to Elder Sandra. she will tell you that the Sqwabble is her daughter Ellie. Then go back to the Sqwungle and click on the Sqwabble Elephant in the treehouse. You need to say yes to the mini-game and then win. Once that's done go back to the Temple and talk to Sandra again. now go to the Dark room which is left of Sandra. keep going left to the Healing room and click on a tile. It will ask you if you want to play the Witch Doctor game. Clck yes. Play for at lest four levels. Next, talk to Sandra again and you will finish the Quest and get 2000 squash and 4000 EXP.